Dentists know how devastating a negative rating, review, or malicious comment can be to their practice. We make this problem go away.

  • Patient Review Portal

    We provide you with customized review generation platforms that allow your patients to easily leave positive online reviews while allowing you to catch bad reviews before they hit the review sites.

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  • Dental Dashboard

    Easily monitor and receive alerts on your dental reviews, ratings, visibility, online mentions, competitor actions, and more. Find something that needs to be improved? We fix it!

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  • Presence Builder

    A strong online presence is the foundation of a solid Internet reputation campaign. Our presence builder solution ensures that your practice has accurate listings on all the places your patients are searching for online.

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  • In Office Review Kiosk

    Set up our in-office kiosk at your practice and let walk-in patients do the work for you. We publish the great reviews to your website and directory listings while taking action on the negative reviews before they go viral.

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  • Dental Advocates

    Our products, technology, and solutions are dental centric. Our experience in the industry is unmatched online, and we pride ourselves on being true dental advocates.

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  • Actionable Reports

    Invaluable reports for your business are rolled into actionable analytics, which can be printed for weekly meetings or emailed to management. You can see which staff member had the most online mentions, how many new positive reviews were received for the week, and much more.

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  • Reputation Defense

    Rip-off reports, negative dealer ratings, malicious comments, and reviews are no problem for our team. We specialize in online damage control, and our solutions will help defend and mitigate any online attacks to your practice or staff members.

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  • 100% Full Service

    We know you’re busy, which is why we do all the work. We set up everything, and we request reviews from customers while responding directly as well. We fix directory listings, office credentials and can respond to social media inquiries. If an issue needs your attention, we call you.

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No Contracts, No Training, Just Results

Your reputation affects your leads, retention, SEO, SEM and especially your sales! We work with dentists to improve their ratings and reviews online, and we are really good at what we do!

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