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Our mission is to develop outstanding reputation solutions for the dental industry that promote the true value of the practice, with results that impact the bottom line.

DentalReputations was founded in 2011 by medical professionals and online reputation managers who recognized the need to defend dentists in the uphill battle these businesses face. The difference between our company and others is that we have been there. We have dealt with these same issues, and we know how to fix them by improving your business’s reputation, repairing its already negative feedback, and defending against future online negativity. Our program will increase traffic, increase sales, and increase online visibility, which increases the overall bottom line of your business.
Our core focus is on Reputation Management. That’s all we do, and we are experts at it.

Our Team

Nick Collins serves as the managing director for DentalReputations. He founded DentalReputations in October 2012. He has more than 13 years of hands-on development experience and 10+ years of enterprise level development as well as six years of reputation management (ORM) experience.

Nick founded RemoveMyName.com, which is the industry leader in online damage control, and has used that experience to assist business’s in need worldwide.

Our powerful combination of dental and reputation-related experience is unmatched, and we believe our solutions are the best in the industry.

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Call us today for a commitment-free consultation. If you’re calling 9–7 EST (we are located in Baltimore), you can confidentially call or text him directly at (443) 370 6828, or you can call our 24-hour line outside normal operating hours at 1-866-848-2022, and someone will promptly answer your questions. We truly look forward to helping you.

Your reputation affects your leads, retention, SEO, SEM, and especially sales!
We work with dentists to improve their ratings and reviews online, and we are really good at it!

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