Dental Damage Control

Dental Damage Control

Your business’s search engine results are your online reputation—whether right or wrong, current or outdated, truthful or malicious. Critical Ripoff Reports, articles, blogs, outdated news, and inaccurate reviews can appear instantly and remain in the top search engine ranks for years. You have only a few seconds online for your practice to outshine the competition and make a good first impression.



Bad Reviews and Rip Off Reports

DentalReputations Damage Control offers proven solutions to suppress the negative search results with accurate positive content that you control. In essence, this solution pushes down the negatives and replaces them with positives. Dentists face two types of negatives: negative reviews on, RateMds,  Yelp, and similar sites as well as attack sites, blogs (, and Ripoff Report–style sites. We have defense solutions for both.

For dentists with no bad reviews, our full-service solution helps mitigate against future attacks, and for dealers who have active Ripoff Reports and the like, we can help defend. Our job is to mitigate, defend, and protect your business. Reputation defense is our forte.

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