Can’t we do this ourselves?

In reality, many business’s attempt to manage their online reputation themselves, but you would be able to realize only a fraction of the success enjoyed in partnership with DentalReputations. The real value we offer is through our approach—Monitor, Manage, and Build—which incorporates our full-service account management by trained dental and reputation specialists. We tackle every aspect of the hard work,  and most practices’ don’t have this time.

From review generation to social media distribution to monitoring, alerts, damage control and office listing upkeep, we do it all, and we are really good at it! Our full-service package is far more affordable than hiring someone in house to do it and far superior to doing it yourself.

Ninety-two percent of Internet users read online reviews, and 89 percent of consumers say reviews influence their purchasing decisions. (online eTailing group)

A difference of one star in an online review can mean a 5 to 9 percent difference in revenues. (Harvard Business Review)

These numbers are staggering. We suggest using a dedicated and experienced firm to handle all your reputation management needs!

We have an SEO company that says they can do our Reputation Management. Why do I need you?

We can appreciate other vendors attempting to help facilitate your office’s needs, and SEO is part of a solid reputation management strategy, but Internet reputation management is a particularly specialized practice that requires deeper insight than making your website rank on search engines for keywords and selecting AdWords. Our service has taken many years to develop and involves high levels of training. We understand that if a reputation management campaign is not executed properly more harm can come and cause permanent damage to a business.

paid review penalty

Fake patient review penalty

An example would be a shady SEO team trying to employ a fake paid review strategy that has disastrous repercussions. Our solutions are not only reputation centric but were also created specifically for the dental industry, so we believe our solution is the best reputation management solution currently on the market.

So how do you help our dental practice get new reviews on the internet and where do the reviews go?

We use the power of our custom-built Patient Review Portal that allows your customers to easily leave positive online reviews for you while also allowing you to catch bad reviews before they hit the review sites. The platform can be implemented by email and/or a dedicated website. The platform is easy to use. It simply asks the customer if they were happy with your service; if so, they just click the big “thumbs up” button, which then directs them to your exact review pages that we pre-fill on your behalf. They don’t have to go to the review site themselves, search for your business, and get lost.

If your business has unfair reviews that need to be buried on RankMyDentist.com and RateMDs.com, then those two review site options will only show on your customer review portal. If you just need Yelp help, then we will only show Yelp, and customers will leave their great feedback there. If customers are unhappy, they will naturally click the large “thumbs down” button, which will then take them to a small form that is FAR away from the review sites. Then they can vent and submit. The form will immediately be emailed to our staff and your office or point of contact to immediately respond to.

How do my customers find out about the Patient Review Platform?

We ask them! We found that asking your customers to review you is the best way to improve your online reputation and the only truly ethical way as well! Many competing reputation companies and also shady SEO firms will employ a fake review tactic that has disastrous results as seen here. We use a short and simple template to request feedback from your best customers. We can ask them through email, phone, or by way of our business kiosk system. An example would be the following:

Dear Jane, I hope your recent cleaning and cavity fill from Super Smiles Inc. exceeded your expectations. We would really like to know how you felt about your experience with us. Feedback from online reviews is very useful, as it helps us to keep improving and is also helpful to customers that are considering us.
Would you mind taking a moment to review us online? Please click here to be taken to our easy-to-use review portal.

Christine Miller, DDS

 Can we review the Dental Dashboard?

Absolutely! We are so proud of the metrics the Dental Dashboard provides that we encourage you to review it often not only to see the health of your business but also to see how we are improving your online reputation.

Is there a contract, cancellation, termination or setup fee?

There are no contracts and no cancellation, setup, or termination fees . . . ever. Our business’s are on a month-to-month subscription basis. To stop service, you simply email or call our customer service department 24 hours before your renewal due date. We believe in our product, and our clients see its value. We consider ourselves a partner and advocate for the success of your dental practice.

Do you completely remove negative reviews, comments, ratings and websites about our business?

In some very rare cases, yes we do. We work very closely with a legal team that has helped dentists in the past, but this happens only rarely. To combat negative reviews and ratings, we utilize our Patient Review Portal, which helps suppress old, outdated negative reviews while boosting positive reviews and ratings score.

To combat negative search engine listings, malicious blogs, and rip-off reports, we use Internet suppression, using positive Internet content about your business to push down negative content. Whether you need assistance with reviews and rating sites or have a damage control issue, we can help you.

Does DentalReputations.com use ethical tactics?

We pride ourselves in knowing that our services are 100 percent ethical, and we constantly follow the rules from such sites as Google, ratings and review sites, and even the FTC. One of the most important rules that organizations need to follow is to clearly state when they are using a paid testimonial for advertising/review purposes.

We care about the integrity of our industry and the dentists we represent.

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